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History Hotel Nicolaas Witsen

Hotel Nicolaas Witsen has a rich history dating back to 1890 when the buildings were constructed. In the 1950s, the buildings served as a guesthouse for migrant workers from Indonesia, and then two different hotels were housed there. In the 1960s, these two hotels were merged into one.


In 1981, Robert Roozendaal and Anne de Bruijn purchased the hotel and embarked on an ambitious project to transform it from an old and dilapidated hotel to a beautiful 3-star hotel. This was not an easy task, but with much effort and dedication, they succeeded in renovating and modernizing the hotel.


In 2000, their son Alex Roozendaal joined the company and began modernizing and making the hotel more sustainable during small renovations. But in 2017, plans were made to renovate on a large scale and address all the problems that an old building brings with it.


After years of preparation and obtaining permits, renovation could finally begin in 2021. The result is impressive: a beautiful sustainable boutique hotel that meets modern guests' requirements. The hotel has been modernized and made sustainable while preserving the historical elements.


The new Hotel Nicolaas Witsen offers guests a warm welcome in the heart of Amsterdam, combining the charm of the past with the comfort of the present. In May 2023, the hotel's doors will reopen, and guests can enjoy this unique experience in a beautifully renovated historic building.